Kanamycin Antibiotic Stock Solution in H20

WFID: 10073   Date: 06-14-2011  
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Vinod Ranganathan  
Biochemical, Molecular Biology, Formulation
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This antibiotic is commonly used in molecular biology for selection of positive clones, which carry the kanr gene.  The mode of action in on the 70s bacterial ribosome. This can be aliquoted and stored frozen at -20°C.  The colorless 200X stock solution is 10μg/ml in H2O, yielding a working concentration of 50μg/ml.  Depending on stringency, working concentrations range from 10μg/ml - 50μg/ml.


Catalog # Material Name Company Name Solute/Solvent
1K1377Kanamycin sulfate (MW=582.58)SigmaSolute
2cat num n/aMilliQ H2OMilliporeSolvent
3190-9920Syringe filter .2mm (25mm)Nalgene


10ml stock solution (200x):
Add 100mg of Kanamycin powder in final volume of 10ml H2O and vortex till completely dissolved.  Then syringe filter the stock solution.




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